Winter Padded Cushion For Small Big Dogs Sleeping Beds And Houses For Cats Super Soft Durable Mattress Removable Pet Bed
Winter Padded Cushion For Small... from $23.67
This super cute fluffy bed was made specially made for your dogs. The material is so soft and your pet will feel the warmth.  Foam pet bed for general indoor use, crates, or kennels. Give your pet a spot all their own for napping and relaxing.  Supportive, dense foam filling alleviates joint stress and provides a comfortable surface. Plush polyester flannel surface helps retain body heat. Decorative printed canvas edges and bottom for durability and style. Easy to Care: Removable cover with zip closure for easy cleaning. The inner foam has a TPU cover, which provides protection from dog pee and excrement. Size:       S: 45*35*4.5       M: 67*47*4.5 L: 97*66*4.5        XL: 117*70*4.5
Wooden Pet Cat Toy Play Catch Toy Playing Exercise Toy
Wooden Pet Cat Toy Play... $87.29
Interactive Cat Toy - This is a whack-a-mole cat interactive toy, imitating cat and mouse game, arouses the curiosity of the cat, lets the cat enjoy it, can also enhance the feelings between the pet and the owner, increase the amount of exercise to promote the health of the cat. Multifunctional Play - There are 5 stuffed moles at the top. Press the handle to make the moles come out of the hole and attract the cat to scratch. There are also 2 hanging balls on the side, all cats are curious about the toys in the hole. The wooden handle is shaped like a cat's claw and can be sprinkled with catnip to attract cats to play with. Solid Wood Eco-friendly - The whole toy is made of solid wood, the edge is polished round, without burr, and the material is environmentally friendly and healthy, safe, and non-toxic. Stuffed mouse, realistic appearance. The furball in the hole, made from rabbit hair, is very soft. Large Size Sturdy Construction - This product has a sturdy structure and large size, which is suitable for several cats to play together. Suitable for various kinds of indoor floor, carpet, suitable for various kinds of house cats, is your cat's high-quality partner. Gift for Cats Kitten - This is the best cat toy for a cat and the owner. When you're not at home, it can take your place and keep your cat entertained.  Material: Pine Weight: 0.5kg/0.7kg Size: 73*27*49/73*39.5*25.5
Tug of War Dog Toy | Pet Dog Toys Silicone Suction Cup | Teeth Cleaning Toy For Dog | Food Dispensing Suction Dog Toy
Tug of War Dog Toy... from $14.19
This CHEWY BALL is the All-in-One solution you never knew existed. There is no reason to buy multiple dog toys because The CHEWY BALL replaces them all. It is designed to cure your dog's boredom with the powerful suction cup self-playing feature. The specially designed bristles help with your dog's dental hygiene. The Treat Dispenser feature keeps your dog entertained for hours. The CHEWY BALL has been specifically designed with Non-Toxic Materials to ensure your dogs safety. Dogs of all sizes will love it! REDUCE BAD BEHAVIOUR – Does your dog behave badly whenever they are bored? The CHEWY BALL’s powerful suction cup self-playing feature reduces bad behavior by keeping them entertained and killing boredom. DOG TOOTHBRUSH – Dental hygiene is extremely important for keeping your dog's teeth and gums healthy, AND reducing dog breath! The 360°chewy rubber ball has been designed with double-layered tooth ridge bristles that can effectively get between your dog's teeth and help to remove calculus, tartar and bad breath. TREAT DISPENSER – Insert your dog's favorite treats into the chewy rubber ball and The CHEWY BALL will drop treats as your dog is playing, this will keep them active for hours. Your dog will absolutely love it! SUITABLE FOR DOGS OF ALL SIZES- The CHEWY BALL is the perfect toy for dogs of all sizes. Small, medium and large breed dogs can all enjoy playing with it. NON-TOXIC & DURABLE – It is made with non-toxic and durable materials to ensure your dog can play safely for days on end. AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT COLOURS – What’s your dogs favourite colour? Available in Blue, Green, Pink & Two-Toned Blue/Pink CAN BE USED ON MOST HARD SURFACES – The powerful suction cup works great on most hard flooring, tiles, walls, mirrors and glass.
Funny Dog Soft Breathable Clothes
Funny Dog Soft Breathable Clothes $25.23
Comfortable material: The funny printed pet puppy shirt is made of material, soft, smooth and comfortable for your pet to wear all day; It is also safe to wear and won't hurt the skin of the pet, keeping your puppy away from dust while making it look adorable.Pullover dog shirts: The pet dog shirts with pullover design is stylish, and have good elasticity, are convenient to put on and take off, are cute on your pet, and will not annoy your dogs when dressing them up, allowing them to enjoy activities.Multiple styles: 9 style printed pet puppy shirts have words like 'Security', 'i Love My Mom', etc., along with lovely patterns like red hearts, camouflage, and more, stylish and fun, fit for wearing at parties and other festivals occasions like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc., also nice to be everyday wear and night pajama parties and more!Interesting presents: Funny pet printed shirts are wonderful gifts for those who have pets or who love them, and they will be delightful to have these adorable shirts to dress up their pets, meanwhile, shirts will make pets feel completely at ease.
Super Soft Pet Bed
Super Soft Pet Bed from $20.06
Why do cats and dogs like our donut pet bed? SOFT & WARM & COMFORTABLE: Our pet bed is very soft and warm because of the long plush material and stuffing inside. Your fur friends will feel very cozy, warm and comfortable when they lay on it. ANTI-ANXIETY & CALMING & RELAX: The raised rim will relax the pet's neck and muscle and the donut shape makes them surrounded by security and warmth, they will calm down and have a deep sleep. PORTABLE:Our pet bed is light weight and portable, it’s very convenient to carry it when traveling. Pets can enjoy a comfortable bed anywhere! EASY TO CLEAN Wash the bed or put it in the washing machine. Tips: Machine wash, Coldwater, Gentle cycle, Tumble dry, low heat MAKE IT FLUFFY Shaking it by hand to adjust its shape. It will be completely fluffy in its natural state after about 1 day. Wash Style: Mechanical washing Characteristic : Breathable Pattern: Smooth Item Type : Beds and sofas Material (s) : Coral wool  
Soft Winter Warm Long Plush Donut Pet Bed
Soft Winter Warm Long Plush... from $17.68
Soft Pet Dog Bed Round Winter Warm Long Plush Dog House Cushion Cat Beds Mats Sofa for Small Large Dogs Kennel Pet Supplies Made of long plush, super soft, and super warm. Comfortable touch, 3 cm long plush hair, pets love to sleep on it. Pure color with a cute design, it is a nice-looking bed.  Ultra-soft Plush: Our dog and cat bed donut cuddler use ultra-soft faux fur to create a practical and comfortable pet bed. The faux fur cover of this round pet bed is soft to the touch and the bed is warm and supportive. Non-Slip Bottom: The bottom fabric is made with a tough and dirt resistant nylon fabric that deters dust and is easy to care for. Your pet bed is suitable to be placed on the ground of various materials, not easy to slide User-friendly Design: raised rim design to make your dog and cat curl up, have fun, provide head and neck support and promote feelings of security without any worries!  Lightweight & Portable: this cozy bed is lightweight and portable for travel. It is very easy for transportation and convenient to carry it in the car; this pet fusion dog bed could let your pets stay comfortable during camping and traveling when outside.  Easy Care: Washing machine and dryer---Machine wash, gentle cycle. Tumble dry, low heat. We usually recommend hand washing. Easy care for the bed makes it easier for your pets to keep a comfortable and clean sleeping space.  Multiple Colors: available in beautifully natural colors, different colors can easily meet with any room’s decor! Animals are our friends, if you have any issue with our products, please contact us directly and we are eager to rectify it!  Material: Lamb velvet + Coral velvet  Size:  Diameter 100cm fit for pet less than 40KG  Diameter 80cm fit for pet less than 25KG  Diameter 70cm fit for pet less than 18KG  Diameter 60cm fit for pet less than 9KG  Diameter 50cm fit for pet less than 5KG  Diameter 40cm fit for pet less than 2.5KG
Menstruation Underwear Briefs Jumpsuit For Dog
Menstruation Underwear Briefs Jumpsuit For... $14.44
Pets Dogs Physiological Pants Sanitary Diaper Female Dog Shorts Panties Menstruation Underwear Briefs Soft mesh fabric and double layered super absorbent pad is smooth to the dog’s skin, this lets the dog have a pleasant experience by wearing our diapers. Male and Female dogs that wear our products will be comfortable and stylish. Perfect for untrained puppies, females in heat, and dogs that suffer from uncontrolled urination or incontinence. Premium reusable diapers are made with the best quality materials. Highly absorbent inside, with a 100% waterproof outer layer that prevents leaks. Let your dog be free while protecting your house sofa, couch, carpets and seat cars. Large out boys girls pads diaper X XL Small snake supplies XXSmall band wrap. Specifications: Material: Cotton Mixed Color: Red, Pink, Blue, Army Green, Black Chest Size: XS: 42-52 cm / 16.54-20.47 " S: 44-54 cm / 17.32-21.26 " M: 48-60 cm / 18.9-23.62" L: 54-64 cm / 21.26-25.2 " XL: 60-68 cm / 23.62-26.77 " XXL: 60-70 cm / 23.62-27.56" Operation Manual: Put the sanitary pads in dog's pants.  
Print Stars Kennel Mat For Pet Puppy High Quality Foldable
Print Stars Kennel Mat For... from $27.62
PLENTY OF ROOM INSIDE – Perfectly stitched bed roomy & comfy for pets to turn around and lie straight inside, your furry babies love this cosy bed.= COMFORTABLE PRIVACY SPACE – Provides a private enclosed mansion for your furry babies, they can hide in their own secluded safety room when they want some peace. NON-SLIP BOTTOM SOFA – Fold the roof down to have a sofa, soft raised sides provide additional support for pets and let them stretch out fully, relieving tension and pressure effectively. MACHINE WASHABLE & STURDY – Designed to be washable on the gentle cycle with cold water and tumble dry in low heat, holding its shape and substantial. REMOVABLE CUSHION – Comes with a soft thick cushion, has a plush side and a fabric side. Wash Style: Mechanical Wash Type: Dogs Material: Coral Fleece Item Type: Beds & Sofas Feature: Removable Cover Pattern: Striped Weight: 500-900g casa para cachorro: house for cat indoor dog house: pet cat dog house kennel puppy cave sleeping bed dog houses extra large dogs: cama perro  S:Length35*32*28cm Recommended for pets within 2.5KG M:Length45*38*36cm Recommended for pets within 4.5KG  L:Length60*48*43cm Recommended for pets within 9KG XL:Length75*57*55cm Recommended for pets within 20KG
Dog Car Seat Rear Back Hammock
Dog Car Seat Rear Back... $32.88
Our dog car seat booster design with two safety belts fix the booster seat to prevent it from sliding in the car, so the pet won't disturb you when you are driving. Adjustable straps fit most cars, Trucks, vehicles & SUVs, there is a ring to hook the dog's harness too so it won't jump out. We use high-quality, thick Oxford fabric, PVC mesh material as material, to keep your pet dry and comfortable. Major Oxford fabric is anti-skidding, breathable, waterproof, and strong, reducing the trouble of cleaning.  Easy to assemble and store, foldable, Do not take up space. Detachable boards make cleaning easier. When you do not use it, fold it, just like aboard. Waterproof material also makes cleaning easy. Material: PVC Waterproof layer, oxford Size: 145x120cm Conversion: 1inch=2.54cm Package Included:1 X Pet Dog Car Seat Mat Suitable for dogs under 10 kg.
Electric Magic Roller Ball Puppy Dog Cat Automatic Playmate Jumping Ball Interactive Pet Toy
Electric Magic Roller Ball Puppy... $26.72
Keep your cat entertained for hours. This could help them exercise more and have fun! An ideal gift for your kitten. Also, an intelligent companion that prevents cats from being overweight. The primary purpose of the self-rotating ball is to have your pet chase the ball around and have fun. With just a single press of a button, the ball will start to do a 360 degrees self rotation and attract your pet's attention. The ball will continuously move around your house while producing a red light simultaneously. Due to the sphere shape and self-balancing system, the ball will automatically change its direction when colliding with a wall, chair, door, etc. no extra help is required, all you need to do is turn the ball on to play and turn it off when your pet is out of energy and done playing.   Features: Wicked Ball has three modes of interaction that are soft, normal and positive. When the owner leaves, can also let the ball jump, roll and move. Let them be happy all day when you leave the house. Wicked Ball has been extensively tested and reaches the IPX67 standard. The outer casing is very strong and can be placed directly in the water, smoothly and safely so that you and your pet can have fun in the water and on land. Cheerble Wicked Ball has a built-in collision sensor that automatically jumps out when it encounters obstacles. It takes 1 hour to be fully charged, and the game time can be up to 8 hours. It is also waterproof, can be washed with water, the shell is made of industrial grade materials, strong toughness, environmentally friendly materials, safe and reliable, the inner layer of the outer shell is made of polycarbonate, the hardness is relatively high, more importantly, it is suitable for pet use. Specifications: Weight: 200g (including battery) Size: 68 MM (2.67 inch), Battery: 3.7 V / 300 mAh, Working temperature: 0-40 C / 32F- 104F. Relative temperature: 10% -90% (non-condensing) Power: DC 5 V Current input: 350 Mah Charging interface: universal USB interface Nominal voltage: DC 3.4 V-4.2 V Battery: Lithium battery, power: 3.7 V 300 Mah Battery working time: 5 hours (continuous work, no downtime) Package includes: Flash ball x1 Manual x1 Data line x1
Pet Carrier
Pet Carrier from $20.64
Name: Pet carrier bag / Pet packsack Material: Nylon Applicable: pet cat/dog Give Pets Better Care: Our Shop is committed to giving small pets a better way to go out. Our front pet dog backpack carrier can free your hands. The dog is always in your sight, giving the pet a sense of safety. Suitable For Pets Under 12lbs: Our dog front carrier is designed for carrying small medium dogs and cats, we highly recommend pets less than 12 lbs, the larger dog may bring more weight, and bring an uncomfortable feeling for the owner. 4 Sizes Available for Your Baby Pet: The dog front backpack suggested weight is only for reference, if your dog's body length needs size S but the girth needs M, please choose the size M. In addition please leave more than 1 inch to make your pet feel comfortable. Safe and Fashion Design: Breathable mesh material can give your dog a feeling of warmth in winter and cool in summer. Adjustable wide straps with elastic design in the neck of the dog front backpack carrier allow for sufficient flexibility and comfort. Built-in safe lock to protect your pets from flopping. Travel with Your Pets: The dog-front carrier backpack is very lightweight, when you travel with your pet, you won’t feel that you have a dog on your body. You can carry small dogs and cats for biking, hiking, camping, and so on. In addition, you can take many funny pictures for sharing with your friends! Feature: 1: Light, breathable and portable Easy to use 2: Can be worn on your front or back 3: Durable and washable SIZE: S;M;L;XL  S    CHEST: less than 30cm   BACK: 25-28cm   WEIGHT: less than 2.5kg  M   CHEST: 24-41cm   BACK: 29-34cm   WEIGHT: 2.5-3.5kg  L    CHEST: 36-48cm   BACK: 31-38cm   WEIGHT: 3.5-6.5kg  XL  CHEST: 42-63cm   BACK: 39-43cm   WEIGHT: 5.5-9kg  The size is for reference only, there may be 1-3cm error due to different measurement methods, please understand!
Washable Pet Sofa Dog Bed
Washable Pet Sofa Dog Bed from $36.99
Give your pet a warm home! Good Sleep is vital for a healthy cat or dog. The orthopedic dog bed can provide a comfortable sleeping environment and relieve dog anxiety. Unique curved design. Raised Pillow Sides. Soft plush fabric. Ample space. Supports Better Sleep: The unique curved design and soft plush fabric bring unparalleled comfort and safety to your dog, just like staying in the arms of a mother. The raised edges can provide your pet with head and neck support and reduce muscle pain. Comfort and High Quality: The removable pet bed with soft plush is warm and comfortable, keeping your dog away from the cold floor. The surface fleece is durable and claw resistant, avoid your pets choked by flying fleece. Easy to Clean: The washable dog bed has a zipper at the bottom, which can be easily removed. It can be hand-washed or machine-washed. Drying at a low temperature after washing can make the surface fluffy. Convenient & Widely Used: The calming dog bed has a non-slip bottom design, which can be easily fixed on the floor. In addition, it also can be used in rear seats In cars, sofa, furniture, and seats etc. This dog crate pad also can be rolled up and taken with you on outdoor travel.
Automatic 2L Cat Water Fountain Filter Sensor
Automatic 2L Cat Water Fountain... from $40.04
2 L water capacity is great for dogs, cats, and multiple pet households. No need to replenish the water frequently and it can not only meet the drinking needs of cats, dogs, birds, and other pets of various sizes but also could store water for one week, so you could go out for a few days without worrying about your pets. With 2 Different Flow Designs Faucet Mode: Faucet-like trickle, attract your beloved cats and dogs to drink more water. Prevent cats from drinking tap water.  Fountain Mode: Wide gentle spring mode, increases oxygen content in water.  Full transparency: it is easy to know when to clean and change the water so that your pet can always drink clean and healthy water; module design, and component structure, are easy to install; the water tank has no extra bumps, easy to clean. Ultra-quiet & low consumption pump, 50% less noise than older models. Environment-friendly Material: Made of finely polished PS resin material, this automatic water bowl is BPA-free, non-toxic and odorless which can be used safely and securely. A simple quick-release structure is designed for easy removal and cleaning. Filtered Water: Our pet water dispenser adopts high-density and high-content activated carbon filters, and the filter structure is matched with white high-density filter cotton to achieve multiple filtrations, which can effectively maintain water quality, increase oxygen content, and protect the health of pets. Material: Food-grade PC Item Color: Fully Transparent(Let your pets see the water clearly) Maximum Capacity: 2 liters (67 oz.) Item Size: approx. 15.5x15.5x16.5cm/6.1x6.1x6.5inch (L*W*H) Product Weight: 600gFilter Replacement Time: 1. The Charcoal Filter is better to be exchanged every month to achieve a good filtering effect. 2. In intelligent sensor mode, Charcoal Filter is better to be exchanged every 2 months. 3. It is better to reserve an Extra 2-3 PCs for, Charcoal Filter, for your pets! Tips: Please clean the pump regularly to extend life. Warm Notes: About the motion sensor, which can be adsorbed on the glossy and smooth surface only, the matte wall or floor does not meet the conditions.(It can be adsorbed to the fountain body) Basic Kit 1 Package include: Pet Fountain x 1Replacement Filter x 1Faucet x 1Silent Pump x 1EU Adapter x 1 User's Manual x 1Package Box x 1 Basic Kit 2 Package include: Pet Fountain x 1Replacement Filter x 4Faucet x 1Silent Pump x 1EU Adapter x 1 User's Manual x 1Package Box x 1 Sensor Kit 1 Package include: Pet Fountain x 1Infrare Sensor x 1Replacement Filter x 1Faucet x 1Silent Pump x 1EU Adapter x 1 User's Manual x 1Package Box x 1 Sensor Kit 2 Package include: Pet Fountain x 1Infrare Sensor x 1Replacement Filter x 4Faucet x 1Silent Pump x 1EU Adapter x 1 User's Manual x 1Package Box x 1
Foldable Deep Sleep Pet Cat House
Foldable Deep Sleep Pet Cat... from $25.28
GIVE YOUR PET THE GIFT OF AMAZING COMFORT Shopping around for the perfect pet bed for that adorable cat or dog? These pet houses for small dogs and cats are designed to sail your baby to pet paradise every time they jump into it! Our cozy pet cave houses provide your pet with the private, enclosed space they deserve while giving them plenty of room to stretch. The cute designs and color schemes allow you to match your pet's personality to their own home. Our premium materials and quality construction will stand up to even the deepest of dreamers. Pet cave houses assemble and disassemble easily for travel so that you can keep their home consistent wherever you take your pet. All cozy caves come with a pillow – perfect for cats who like to burrow or dogs who like to make their bed. From the tiniest of puppies to the aging cat, this bed will see your pet through all of it. Our beds are built to last throughout life. Our fleece is super smooth and soft to the touch, while the sleek denier nylon provides durable comfort that is also water repellent! Product: Cat Dog Bed House Material : High-Quality Coral Fleece + Sponge
Portable Pet Dog Car Seat Central Control Nonslip Dog Carriers
Portable Pet Dog Car Seat... $45.99
Size: 42x20x22cm.   Interaction Seat: This is a special high-end pet car seat. It can be placed on the armrest in the car, Or on the armrest of the back seat to increase the intimacy between the pet and you. Your pet can enjoy the scenery and have enough security. Durable And Removable washing: The Pet car seat is made from waterproof high strength pure cotton, which is hypoallergenic and does not contain any toxic or harmful materials. Zipper design can be separated for easy cleaning. With our pet car seat, the car space will no longer be occupied (especially the space car), you can touch or watch your pet at any time, and you can also sit on the copilot to feed him.  Suitable for small dogs and cats. The pet booster seat is super good for long & short travel. The dog booster seat provides a safe & comfortable environment for pets when you get out.   Suitable pet weight: Suitable for kittens and dogs below 6kg/13.2lbs. Type: Dog Car Seat Central Control, Dog Carriers Car Armrest Box, Cat Booster Seat Kennel Bed Mats, Pet Car travel mattress. Scene: Car, Outdoor, Travel. Material: Cloth+Cotton.  Suitable for dog breeds: Poodle, French Bulldog, Pug, Chihuahua York, Labrador, Dachshund, Terrier, Teddy, Golden Retriever, Corgi. Suitable for cat breeds: Shorthair, Garfield, Ragdoll, Siamese, Fold, Sphynx. Suitable for small dog cats, puppies, and kittens to sit and travel.
Interactive Snake Cat Toy
Interactive Snake Cat Toy $28.76
Pranking nowadays has become a new trend, this moving interactive snake toy is not just to entertain your cat but to also bring fright and joy to your co-workers, family members, and friends! Featuring a retractable tongue and swinging tail frighteningly realistic snake that can quickly clear out a room, but I'm certain this will not scare your kitty cat!  Realistic & More Fun: Featuring 3D texture and vibrant colors, this snake toy looks realistic, and the segmented body ensures excellent sliding moves to bring more fun to pets and children. A perfect prank prop for Halloween parties. Easy to Operate: Turn on the S-type switch to make this toy start sliding, and it will enter the deactivated state after about 1 minute of continuous playing. Tap the head of the snake toy to activate it and enable it to move. Sensing Mode: Put your hand in front of the toy snake and the snake will begin sliding forward. The eyes of this snake toy will flicker and automatically avoid stuck situations when encountering obstacles. The tongue of this snake toy can flick and its tail can swing. Just the Right Size: Measures about 39cm/15.35in long. It takes about 40 minutes to achieve full charging, and playing time is more than 15 minutes. Features: Newest RC snake simulated animals. Functions: Forwards, left and right. With a flashlight, retractable tongue and swinging tail. Segmented body for excellent slithering action. Suitable age: 6 years old and above Remote control distance: 7M / 23ft Remote control battery: 3 * RL44 button battery Charging via USB. Please operate according to instructions. Packing list: 1 * toy snake 1 * remote control 1 * USB charging cable 3 * button battery
Dog Foldable Swimming Pool | Pet Collapsible Bath Swimming Bathtub
Dog Foldable Swimming Pool |... from $42.62
EASY TO USE: No air inflation is required. Set up in no time. A drain hole at bottom/side, easy to drainage when not in use.FOLDABLE & PORTABLE: Easy to fill up for use, and fold to be put away in a small space, you can carry it for outdoor camping.DURABLE MATERIAL: Made of extra-tough PVC. Thicker slip-resistant material on the bottom so that the pool will not rip or puncture easily. With smooth surface, easy to clean after use.NOT ONLY FOR PET: Make the dog days of summer cool! Also serves as a dog bathtub, fish pond, kids ball pit, and more! Also fun and cool for both toddlers / little kids.Features: Help make the dog days of summer cool and fun for your pet. Foldable pet pool, fill up for use and fold to be put away in a small space. Durable PVC composite cloth material, nontoxic and safe to use. Smooth surface, easy to clean after outdoor use. Easy and quick to set the pool up or take it down. No inflation is needed!!! easy to drain with drainage holes at the bottom/side; Durable bottom ensures the pool will not rip or puncture easily when your pet is enjoying the pool. Not only a pet swimming pool but also a children's pool, dog bathtub, fish pond. NotePlease always put up on a hard smooth surface, no sharp items underneath. It keeps the bottom stretched mostly flat, avoids tears caused by sharp items, and likely prevents dog nails from catching it and maybe causing a tear.
Fashion Plaid Cat Harnesses | Summer Mesh Pet Harness and Leash Set
Fashion Plaid Cat Harnesses |... $11.81
Cute cat strap harness in plaid design suits any girl and boy cat. With a classic style, you can now dress them up in a lovely look anywhere! With Hook & Loop closure, easy to wear on and take off.  Breathable mesh material. Soft and comfortable for your pets to wear! Reflective stripe design, safe walking at night.  Durable metal rings and snap can be used for a long time.
Electric Dog Training  Shock Collar
Electric Dog Training Shock Collar from $58.54
This fully waterproof e-collar is very popular with dog trainers and pet owners. Its training systems will help you to control and train your dog in effective range by a series of functions, including vibration alert, sound warning, electrostatic punishment, etc. With its remote design, you can remotely stop barking, running about correction, easy calling back, biting, and fighting. It will be your good training assistant. Main Features: - Fully waterproof design: the receiver has a super waterproof performance, so your pet can swim or walk in the rain with it - Adjustable levels: levels of vibration and shock are adjustable from 1 to 99, and you are advised to try levels gradually to find the proper one when using this pet training system for the first time  3 training modes: shock/vibration/sound - With blue backlight screen: can be used at night Long-distance remote control: the remote distance is 800m (without any disturbance) 3 channels: there are 3 signal channels on the remote transmitter, and it can control 3 receivers of the same model - Auto power save automatic standby mode and memory functions. Adjustable collar size: the max adjustable length is up to 67cm, suitable for all size dogs - Please charge before first using - Eliminate one misbehavior or teach one obedience command at one time, if the training gets too fast, your pet may become confused and repel. Before using the shock mode on your pet, you should try vibration on your pet first. Observe the dog's reaction and make sure the training intensity is not too much. Examine the contact area daily for signs of a rash or a sore - If a rash or sore is found, discontinue use of the collar until the skin has healed.   Specifications: Input: 100 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz Output: 5V, 0.5A  Transmitter battery voltage: 3.7V Receiver waterproof level: IP67 Battery type: lithium-ion battery (built-in) Transmitter Charging time: 4 hours Transmitter standby time: about a week Receiver charging time: 4 hours Receiver standby time: about a week Applicable Dog Breed:  Large Dog, Medium-sized Dog, Small Dog   Weight:  0.3350kg Package weight:  0.388 kg   Package Size(L x W x H):  19.00 x 15.00 x 5.30 cm / 7.48 x 5.91 x 2.09 inches Package Contents:  1 x Transmitter, 1 x Receiver Collar, 1 x Test Light, 1 x Adjustable Collar Strap, 1 x Hang Rope, 1 x Charger Cable, 1 x Plug, 2 x Shock Electrode, 1 x English User Manual
Winter Pet Dog Clothes Super Warm Jacket Thicker Cotton Coat Waterproof Small Dogs Pets Clothing For French Bulldog Puppy
Winter Pet Dog Clothes Super... from $29.97
Waterproof Fabric: Made with waterproof material trench coat jacket keeps your pets dry and comfortable in the rain, easy to clean, keep clean.   Stainless Steel Leash Ring: Can withstand pets up to 15kg, you don't need to use the collar, it is very convenient.   High-quality Buttons: It effectively holds the zipper, prevents the zipper from opening, and tightens the neck to keep the body warm!   Reflective Strip: When traveling at night, the clothes will reflect when the light is shining, and it will become safer.
Pet Dog Cat Formal Necktie Tuxedo Bow Tie Black and Red Collar for Dog Cat Pet Accessories Suit for small medium dogs and cats
Pet Dog Cat Formal Necktie... $8.99
Made for small dogs and cats, good choice for pet grooming, wedding, photography, parties, office, school, graduation, and daily life, make your pets look cuter, gentlemen, and professional. With Adjustable Closure - Sturdy & adjustable tape closure, make sure you can adjust the length of the bow tie or necktie to be suitable for your pets. Material - Made of polyester-cotton, comfortable and safe for pets.   S: total length 31cm/12inch Magic sticker Length 5.5cm/2.16inch Tie length 12 cm/4.7 inch Neck adjustment range 24-30cm/9.45-11inch L:total length 37.5 cm/14.7 inch Magic sticer Length 7cm/2.76inch Tie length 12.5 cm/4.9 inch Neck adjustment range 27-36cm/10.63-14 inch   Package include: 1pc pet tie   Brand new and high quality Material: Cotton Color:Black,Blue Suit for: small medium dogs Quantity: 1set(2pc tie+1pc collar)   Package include: 1set(2pc tie+1pc collar)  
Smart Automatic Pet Feeder With Voice Record Stainless Steel LCD Screen Timer For Dog Food Bowl Cat Food Dispenser Pet Supplies
Smart Automatic Pet Feeder With... from $105.75
Robot Pet Feeder Product Description: Time and portion programmable: You can feed your pet 4 meals at scheduled times, and every meal has 1-20 portions control, which can help the pet develop a good eating habit. Infrared induction: With an infrared smart sensor, when the bowl fills with a certain amount, the machine will stop automatically, preventing food from overflowing. Voice recorder: This feeder will allow you to record your voice in 10 seconds, so it will call your pet to come and enjoy their meal time with your voice, eliminating the loneliness of the pet even when you are absent. Multipower supply: You can either use the power adapter that comes with the feeder or batteries(not including) in order to deliver power to your automatic pet feeder. Keeping food fresh: The head part where you put the food in has good leakproof to keep food fresh; the feeder will deliver fresh food at every meal for your pet. Keep them healthy with fresh food. The bowl is made with food degree high-quality stainless steel, also it's removable for easy cleaning. Fits all kinds of cats and dogs of different sizes, the cute robot will also be a good companion for them. A good helper for you to feed your pet. Specifications Material: ABS + stainless steel Input: AC 100 to 240 VOutput: 5 V / 0.2 A Feeding Times: 4 meals ( breakfast, launch, dinner, and 4th meal) Voice record: 10 second Weight: 3.54 pounds ( 1.61kg ) Size: 18.6×32.4×35.6cm( 7.32×12.76×14inch) 7 grids Pet Feeder Product Description: The product is made from food-grade materials and is harmless to humans and pets.  Timing device, adjust pet dinner time within 24 hours, don't worry your pet will not feel hungry when the owner is out. 6 grids, 6 meals design, you can pre-set 6 different times for 6 meals, put 6 piles of rice into 6 grids. Simple and generous appearance. Suitable for dogs and cats. Color: as picture shown Material: ABS, stainless steel, electronic components Bowl grid: 6 Battery: 3*AA battery (not included) Function: music reminder1 Suitable for: cats, dogs, rabbits, and other pets. How to use: Pull the lid to open the food cover. Add the food in the feeder. Press the lid to close the food cover. Special Instructions: When you press the power button to shut down, the time screen flashes for ten seconds and disappears.ON/OFF: Power Button-turn on and off timing display.SET: Toggle Button-Switch between hours and minutes.HOUR(+): Increment Button: Increase the time parameter and spare.NIN(-): Decrease Button: Reduce the time parameter.
2.4L Automatic Cat Water Fountain Water level Window LED Electric Mute Water Feeder Dog Pet Drinker Bowl Pet Drinking Dispenser
2.4L Automatic Cat Water Fountain... from $18.96
2.4L capacity Stainless steel water fountain:84 Ounces No need to replenish the water frequently. Our pet fountain can meet the drinking needs of cats, dogs, birds and other pets of various sizes. No need to worry about your pets not getting enough fresh drink when you go to work even for a short trip. Low-voltage Pet fountain helps provide a quiet operation: This is a fantastic pet fountain that brings super-quiet operation. This means that it doesn’t cause you and nor your pet any disturbance at night. Cat and Dog Water Fountain is a highly durable and safe unit that will serve you longer and better. Much easier to clean than the "Traditional Pet bowl": Cat fountain Simple quick-release structure is designed for easy removal and cleaning.Keep clean every 2 weeks, say goodbye to the traditional water fountain that needs to be cleaned every time. Circulating water design is Healthier: Since a pet's hair Ect in the water can create health issues for your dogs cats.Pet fountain just makes sense to have a system that creates water movement. Keeps water circulating making it more appealing for your pet and encouraging them to drink more! Body Material: Plastic PP  Body Color: White  Item: Pet Water Fountain  Design: Automatic Electric  Feature: LED light indicated  Water Capacity: 2.4 liters  Whole Size: approx. L19cm x W19cm x H16cm  Input Voltage: 100~240V, 0.15A  Output Voltage: 5V,1A  Power Consumption: 2W  Pump: DC Pump (Options: with AutoShut Function)  Cable Length: 1.8M (Pump cable)  Package Size:19.5 x 19.5 x H14.5 cm  Quantity: 1pcs  Suit for: Small & Middle size Dog or Cat  Note: The pictures are of the actual products. But due to the different light and monitor settings. Minor color differences may have existed. Package Content: 1 x Pet Water Fountain 1 x DC Adapter (US, EU, UK, AU, JP, Plug etc.) 1 x Charcoal & Ion Exchange Resin Filter 1 x Instruction Manual
Interactive Ball Catnip Cat Training Toy
Interactive Ball Catnip Cat Training... from $16.21
Interactive Cat Toys - Smart Touch Sound Product specifications toy sounding ball, with a diameter of 50mm (1.97in), using high-quality and durable EVA/WOOL. Each toy built-in LR44 Lithium battery cell and high-sensitivity sounder, which can produce different simulated sounds. The real sounds of three different animals attract the cat's attention and stimulate the cat's hunting nature. The sounds of balls of different colors are different. Blue-frog sound, Yellow-cricket sound and Pink-bird sound.  Smart Tap Trigger - The cat toy ball has a built-in high-sensitivity sounder. As long as the cat's paw slightly touches the ball, it will make a sound. Cat ball toys with funny animal sounds can reduce boredom and increase your cat’s activity, thus bringing more fun to your cat.  Catnip Can Be Added - After opening the lid, you can add catnip to the ball. It can make your cat feel excited and happy, and become the cat's favorite toy. It can encourage the cat to exercise, stimulate the cat's thinking or accompany the cat, allowing your cat to exercise and stay healthy. Note: In order to prevent the kitten from damaging the battery, the battery is built into the toy and cannot be replaced.

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