Top 4 cool items for setting up your home office

Work from set up

Late last year, when the pandemic hit, freelancing or working from home became a new wave of employment all around the world. Even homeschooling with your students has become necessary.  Most interactions like having weekly meetings with colleagues or classmates are happening through social media, and any other platform like Zoom. In any case, regardless of how long we've been accepting Zoom calls from our dining tables, the shift from the office work area to home office work area is still can be time-consuming. Fortunately, there's an enormous amount of available resources out there to assist us with outfitting your own efficient and inspiring home office. Here are some work from home essentials you may need to elevate your workstation into an elegant minimalist working area.


Headphone Stand

1. We love how the headphone holders have been mounted to make use of this more petite space and make your table organized every time, practical and beautiful. The solution here is to maximize your space by using headphone holders and other table organizers. Our U Shape Wood Headphone Stand uses smooth wood material, do not scratch your headphones. Walnut decoration on the surface is exquisite and beautiful. The bottom of the stand firms with solid aluminum, through the gravity support test, to design a reasonable base size, effective support for different sizes of headphones. With small size and can be disassembled, it is very convenient to carry when you are moving and traveling.


Desktop Monitor Riser

2. Desktop too low causing you neck and shoulder pain?  Here is the answer to your problem: A monitor riser. This eventually enhances your wellness and productivity while working from home. Our Aluminum Desktop Monitor Stand helps adjust your screen to an ideal level for viewing. It reduces undue strain on your neck and back and helps you save space to the greatest extent. This monitor stand is a graceful ergonomic boost for your posture and your desktop. bringing your monitor to eye level while you work. One-piece design for more stability, cable outlets on both sides, non-slip pads under the base keep the stand firmly in place without scratching your desk.


Massage Chair Cushion

3. Working from home might be tiring and stressful. You may be sitting for long hours and you may experience backaches. Our Armchair Seat Cushions Massage Pad perfect item to decorate a reading room, or match with your chairs in your home office, living room, or patio. Designed to reduce pressure while you are working. This is also advisable for people who have just recovered from post-operative surgery, pregnant women, and those who suffer from knee pain. Providing comfort, warmth, and a little body support whilst sitting.


Portable Desk Lamp

 4. Complete your work from home essential with this Magnetic Table Lamp Touch Control Cordless Lamp. This cordless rechargeable lamp is 80°angle adjustable. This can be step-less adjusted on the holder within 40-130 degrees to meet light different angle needs. Perfect when you are still up working late.

In order to stay productive and be more successful, it’s important to have the right equipment to not only keep your work organized but also manage your priorities. There are a lot of different tools you can use to help you complete tasks and stay on top of what needs to be done. You shouldn't have a cluttered desk because it could distract you from your work. In order to avoid this, it's recommended that you invest in the items that will help you organize your home office better. Check out our Computer Accessories collection and add something to your workstation. It's important to have fun while working at home, stay focused and motivated while working!

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